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Advancing Technology Fuels Production in the Permian

Permian Basin oil production is being fueled by advancing technology. The Permian …

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Microwave Fracking: The New Hydraulic Fracturing?

Before the widespread use of hydraulic fracturing as a means of domestic …

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Fiber Optic Pipeline Leak Detection Systems the Wave of the Future

Fiber optic pipeline leak detection systems are not new, but are growing …

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TerrAdapt™ Adaptive Drill Bit by Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes has taken the term “work smarter, not harder” and applied …

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Converting Crude to Ethylene Technology Breakthrough

Exxon Mobile and Saudi Aramco have developed a new crude to chemicals …

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Blowout Preventer Video

Blowout Preventer Video – To help stave off disaster, the Blowout Preventer, …

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Oil Well Pictures in the Permian Basin

Just in case you don’t know a lot about the oil rig …

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U.S. Shale Oil Success Fueled by One Thing: Yankee Knowhow

It’s been roiling at a vigorous boil since 2008. That’s when U.S. …

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Unconventional Drilling Processes are Driving Permian Basin Riches

Orthodoxy is slowly being jettisoned in the Permian Basin. As the oldest …

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