Submitting an Oil and Gas Prospect Evaluation Request

Oil and Gas Prospect Evaluation

If you are a geologist, landman, or independent producer and would like us to present a proposal regarding an oil and gas prospect evaluation, conducting a geologic field appraisal, or field revitalization plan, please submit the form below to begin the process. Upon acceptance of your proposal, we will send you a link to our secure upload page, where you can submit your detailed documents, Petra files and other pertinent data (logs, maps, LAS, well files, etc.)  for comprehensive review.

If you require a confidentiality or non-compete agreement, please provide a copy in Word for us to review and modify, if necessary.

Oil and Gas Prospect Evaluation Request
Corsicana Oil Field

Consulting Services

Oil and Gas Consulting Services – Our consulting services include Geologic Field Appraisal Services, Field Revitalization Planning and Implementation, and investment evaluations.

  • Investment Evaluation – Our investment analyst and evaluation services are for those seeking unbiased third-party evaluation of the technical merits of an investment.
  • Geologic Field Appraisal Services – Our geologic field appraisal services focus on acquiring accurate data and integrating in into a database for analysis. We strive to follow proven industry workflows to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and format of incoming data thus providing clients with a consistent appraisal.
  • Field Revitalization Services – Mature fields all across the United States offer an exciting opportunity for renewed production without running the risk and high cost of exploration. There are numerous reasons that developers abandon wells, but Aresco uses the latest technology to bring new life to these wells.

Oil and gas prospect evaluation request form

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Investment Opportunities

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