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Permian Shale Threatens OPEC Dominance

The fracking revolution has led to a shale boom ruled by the …

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New Shale Boom Could Be Bigger Than the First

The recent upswing in domestic crude production, particularly in the Permian Basin, …

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2017 Oil Outlook – A Glimpse into the Future

By multiple measures, 2016 marked another rough year for the oil industry. …

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What a Trump Presidency Could Mean for the Oil & Gas Industry

The past eight years for the oil and gas industry have been …

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U.S. Energy Independence on the Horizon?

In the not too distant past, the thought of U.S. energy independence …

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Shale 2.0 – Staging the Next Boom

America’s shale boom isn’t a bust. Heck, it isn’t even slowing. It’s …

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U.S. Shale Toughs Out OPEC Price Blows

Is the U.S. shale revolution finally succumbing to OPEC’s output-generated price slump? …

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U.S. Shale Oil Success Fueled by One Thing: Yankee Knowhow

It’s been roiling at a vigorous boil since 2008. That’s when U.S. …

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Eagle Ford Shale Boom May Soon Cross Mexican Border

Back in the primordial times of 2010, the Eagle Ford Shale formation …

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Oil boom means big money, big needs in south Texas

Aresco LP is right in the thick of the oil boom in …

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