Self-Directed IRA Alternative Investments

A self-directed IRA allows you to buy a full range of alternative investments, an option of self-directed IRA alternative investments may be direct Oil and Gas Investments. Buying Oil and Gas as an investment with your IRA allows for diversified protection against inflation and an uncertain economy. A self-directed IRA gives you the freedom to make your own investment decisions, allowing you to choose what IRA-approved energy investment is held by your account.

Aresco currently works with the following self-directed IRA Custodians:

What is a self-directed IRA?

What is a self-directed IRA?

Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA) Definition – A Self-Directed IRA, or Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account is a type of IRA that can hold wide variety of alternative investments that are normally prohibited from traditional IRA accounts. While this type of IRA is administered by a trustee or custodian, it is directly managed by the account holder.

Types of Alternative Investments

  • Direct Investing in Oil and Gas
  • Investing in Mineral Rights
  • Venture Capital Investments
  • Private Equity Investments
  • Investing in Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate Investments
  • Commodities Investing
  • Hedge Funds Investing
  • Art & Collectibles Investments
  • Precious Metals Investments
  • Investing in Cryptocurrency

Notes and Related Articles

With a self-directed IRA, you are not required to be an accredited investor or a QIB to have direct control of your alternative investments.

Accredited Investor: An accredited investor is an individual or legal entity allowed to invest in securities that are not registered with the SEC. Accredited investors may be people with high net worth.

QIB: A QIB, Qualified Institutional Buyer, must be either a domestic or foreign institution. Individuals, by definition cannot be a QIB regardless of wealth. 

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