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The First Oil Well - 1859 by Edwin Drake in Titusville, Pennsylvania

The First Oil Well: The world’s first commercially successful oil well was drilled in Titusville, Pennsylvania, in 1859 by Edwin Drake.
Source: American Chemical Society

A standard barrel of oil is 42 gallons.

A standard barrel of oil is 42 gallons or 159 liters.
Source: Wikipedia.org

Oil and Gas Facts - 2019 US Production

In 2019, US oil production reached 17 million barrels per day to lead the world.
Source: Statista.com

US Leads World in Total Petroleum Production in 2017

The United States leads the world in total petroleum production, ahead of Saudi Arabia and Russia in 2017.
Source: CNN World

Permian Basin Oil Interesting Facts

The Permian Basin is the largest petroleum-producing basin in the United States and has produced a cumulative 28.9 billion barrels of oil and 75 trillion cubic feet of gas.
Source: Wikipedia

Did the Permian Basin help us win WWII?

Some attribute production from the Permian Basin to the Allied victory during World War II. At the time, the Permian Basin was responsible for half of the world’s oil and gas production, helping fuel the tanks, jeeps, ships, and planes the Allies used to win the war.
Source: Drilling & Geophysics Society of Dallas

US Petroleum Consumption

The United States is the world’s largest consumer of petroleum products.
Source: CNN World

U.S. Oil Imports for 2016

In 2016, about 25% of the petroleum used in the United States was imported. About 38% of this petroleum is imported from Canada.
Source: CNN World

No discovery had as great an impact on Texas’ oil production than the discovery of oil at the Spindletop well located south of Beaumont. Spindletop brought in over 17 million barrels of oil in 1902 alone.
Source: Texas Almanac

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