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Aresco LP – A Texas Oil and Gas Investment Company

Aresco LP is a privately held oil and gas investment company based in Texas and actively engaged in exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas. Aresco’s projects include developmental well drilling, mineral leasing, and production acquisitions in conventional and unconventional oil plays throughout Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and the Gulf Coast states. We specialize in production-driven projects designed to provide income stability and strong growth potential. Read on to see how our Vision, Drive, and Opportunities set us apart from other oil and gas investment companies.

Oil & Gas Opportunities
in Texas, Gulf Coast, & Beyond

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With an exceptional combination of oil patch experience and financial-services expertise, we are an oil and gas investment company with an innovative approach that bridges the gap between energy opportunities and private capital. Our oil and gas investment, engineering, and geology teams work together to identify and evaluate the economic potential of each and every prospect––before and after the bit.


Our success is driven by the quality of our partnerships. We enjoy a strong history of pairing the best operators in the industry with qualified financial partners to build a diversified portfolio of oilfield assets. Once a project begins, Aresco actively works with our operating partners to increase returns on invested capital by building reserves, maximizing net income, and increasing daily production rates.


We focus our acquisition efforts on core areas of interest with proven production histories. We are not interested in wildcatting or higher risk drilling in areas with limited geological and production information. These activities put our investment capital at undue risk. Instead, we focus almost exclusively on infield drilling (including PUD and offset development) and existing production acquisitions in proven oilfields backed by decades of active drilling and documented production.

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