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Texas Drilling Permits Up Sharply in 2017 Vs. 2016

Good news for Texas oil investors as Texas drilling permits rise sharply …

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Permian Shale Threatens OPEC Dominance

The fracking revolution has led to a shale boom ruled by the …

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US Oil Production Could Hit 48-year High in 2018

As a result of expected OPEC production cuts, U.S. crude oil production …

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Will OPEC-Fueled Price War Spell Permian Extinction? Not a Chance

Much has been made of the recent per barrel crude oil price …

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This Week in Permian Basin Oil News – Ending July 5, 2014

Permian Basin: Economic Powerhouse – Aresco EXCLUSIVE Texas, North Dakota produce nearly …

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Permian Basin Economic Impact = Powerhouse

Energy booms power people. Texas derives fully one-third of its economic might …

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Five states and the Gulf of Mexico produce more than 80% of U.S. crude oil

US Crude Oil Production Crude oil production in Texas has grown from …

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Eagle Ford Shale is Turning Texas into Global Petroleum Powerhouse

In the realm of Texas oil and gas production the year 2013 …

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Forget North Dakota Oil, Texas is No. 1 for Oil

By Daniel J. Graeber for Advances in drilling technology are expected …

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US Crude Oil Production Forecasts Strong Growth Through 2015

Strong growth in U.S. crude oil production, primarily attributable to growing volumes …

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