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U.S. Shale Toughs Out OPEC Price Blows

Is the U.S. shale revolution finally succumbing to OPEC’s output-generated price slump? …

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Has Shale Disrupted Oil Investment Metrics?

Oil price slide disruptions won’t last much longer. So says the International …

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BridgeTex Pipeline: Relieving the Permian Basin Squeeze

The BridgeTex Pipeline is a significant crude oil pipeline system in the …

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Mexico’s Eagle Ford Shale Gain to Reap Texas Reward

Two potentially propitious forces are converging in Mexico’s Eagle Ford Shale play: …

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Five states and the Gulf of Mexico produce more than 80% of U.S. crude oil

US Crude Oil Production Crude oil production in Texas has grown from …

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US Crude Oil Production Forecasts Strong Growth Through 2015

Strong growth in U.S. crude oil production, primarily attributable to growing volumes …

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New EIA publication provides insight and analysis on domestic production trends

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) has begun publishing a new report to …

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