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Record Crude Exports to Asia Expected in February

In a recent article on Reuters it was stated that U.S. crude …

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U.S. Oil Exports on the Rise

Times are changing due to the lifting of the U.S. oil export …

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Oil Prices Expected to Recover Somewhat in 2017

The past two years have been extremely tough on the oil industry. …

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U.S. Shale Toughs Out OPEC Price Blows

Is the U.S. shale revolution finally succumbing to OPEC’s output-generated price slump? …

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Crude Oil Export Ban the Talk of the Industry

As hearings began on Tuesday for the Energy and Commerce Committee, the …

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Crude Oil Price Plunge Ripples Will be Short Lived

With the jarring jolt unleashed from grinding tectonic plates, plunging oil prices …

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Will OPEC-Fueled Price War Spell Permian Extinction? Not a Chance

Much has been made of the recent per barrel crude oil price …

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09.11.13 – Syria, Unrest in Egypt, and Spiking Oil Prices

September 11, 2013 –– Over the past several days we have seen …

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