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Monday, December 23rd, 2013 and is filed under New Mexico Oil and Gas Investing, Oil and Gas Current Events, Texas Oil and Gas Investing

Oil & natural gas project updates are available 24/7 in our secured Partners Portal.

When you place funds with Aresco, you aren’t just an investor – you’re a project partner, and we believe strong partnerships are built on effective communication. While there is no substitute for direct, person-to-person interaction, we know it isn’t always possible for us to reach all of our partners during business hours. That’s why we’ve created our Partners Portal. Now the project information you need is available to you whenever and wherever you need it.

Convenience – Our Partner Portal is laid out with convenience in mind. Through our secure login, you will be able to access information on all aspects of your Aresco project investments quickly and easily. For each of your Aresco project investments, you will find links to all of the information you need on one screen that is easy to navigate.

Documents – Should you need a refresher on the details of a project and its objectives, a slide presentation providing an overview will be available to you throughout the life of the project. All offering documents pertaining to your investment, including the prospectus and agreements, will be available for your review, as well as copies of relevant SEC filings.

Updates – Perhaps most importantly, all updates pertaining to your investment will be posted and archived in the Partner Portal. Any time you are traveling, or have simply missed our call, you will find detailed information on the latest developments, as well as monthly production reports, accessible whenever you need them. This is part of our commitment to provide timely and accurate updates to our partners whether the news is good or bad. This commitment is one of the core principles that set Aresco apart in the oil and gas industry.

The Aresco Partner Portal is an extension of the partnership we form with each of our investors. Any time you have questions about your Aresco project investment, we are only a phone call away. Now, with the Partner Portal, you can have also have instant access to information and updates – keeping you informed of what’s going on in the oilfield from anywhere in the world.

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